Thursday, April 15, 2010

Update on King Gilbert's Progress

As you can guess, being that it's Gary's busy season at work, he hasn't had the kind of time he'd like to for working on the King. However, inch by inch, millimeter by blinking millimeter, we creep towards a functional trailer.

He's getting the last of the skins back on - which at this stage means bending the corners to overlap properly and using a staple gun to tack the aluminium to the wood frame. Hey - wait - that means there's a strong wood frame to tack it to! That's a HUGE improvement from the original (see pics from last year!)...

A close-up of that bending action. I'm so glad it's him doing it. There's no way I'd have the patience for it. Just looking at the thing makes me twitchy...

And here we have some of Gary's handywork with Bondo! Yes - that magical mixture is patching some of the uglier blemishes in the King's aging armor. In the end, his skin should be as smooth and as shiny as an infant's. Of course, a metalic infant, and one who is drug behind a car at 75mph - but an infant none the less!

Inside, Gilbert is also looking quite smashing... I mean, take away Gary's work bench, tools and junk, and you've got a pretty intact wood paneled interior! Look past the fact that there are no doors, no windows, almost no cabinets and no furniture! It's a masterpiece ;)

So, we keep dreaming of one day hitching the old man to the back of the truck and heading out into the great unknown like a couple of kids... Sleeping snug in the aluminum embrace of a good friend. Peace, Quiet, Nature. Here's the dream: